Hey there! I’m Gee and I would like to help you manifest the life that you really want! You may be wondering what makes me such an expert in the field of manifesting. Well, many years ago I became a student of LOA. The teachings of this universal Law have deeply resonated with me and ever since I first started learning about it, I have been on a spiritual journey of personal growth and reconnection with my own inner being. For a long time, I felt like I was in some kind of fog and then I woke up!  This was not one of those sudden transformations that occurred in the midst of a crisis. It was more a gradual shift. It took me a long time and after much pain to truly surrender to the higher power which I fully trust and have allowed to flow freely through my life.

Law of Attraction has helped me to understand who I really am, my relationship with the Universe and how I can deliberately manifest my own reality. I have a deep desire to want to help others to have positive experiences in their own life. No matter what it is that is troubling you, I would love to help you along your own path, to help you to realise and materialise your desires, and to help connect with that awesome creative power that is available to us all.

More on how LOA has helped me?

Since I began my more deliberate journey, I have experienced the following positive changes to my life:

*An improvement in my physical health. I have been able to take inspired action to improve my fitness levels. I have bundles of energy and I hardly ever get ill.

*My romantic relationships went from being unhealthy and abusive to attracting some of the most kindest, most patient and respectful men.

*I no longer allow people to manipulate me. I used to be surrounded by some real energy sucking vampires but now I tend to meet people that respect my boundaries and are supportive of what I do.

*Financially, I have been through some pretty dire times, owing thousands of pounds worth of debt. I no longer have debts hanging over me. I am more financially secure and independent than ever before, with a business of my own and more than one source of income. Nowadays, I actually feel thankful for having bills rather than worrying about them!

*I have done some pretty soul depriving jobs, experienced bullying in the workplace, been fired or made redundant several times and gone through long periods of unemployment. I now immensely enjoy the work that I do. I ONLY do what I LOVE. I am more free and independent and making use of my creative talent and abilities.

* I went from hating my life to being absolutely in love with it. I am the most connected to myself that I have ever been. I am easily able to access that trusting inner voice of guidance anytime and my manifestation powers are stronger than ever. Parking spaces are a doddle!