7 ways to avoid missing your creative ideas


Lately, I had been getting flooded with great ideas but then I was forgetting them just as quickly because I wasn’t really getting the chance to note them down. I would either be driving, in the shower or running on the treadmill! So, by the time, I had the opportunity to get them down on paper, they would have vanished from my memory. This started to frustrate me but I’ve now figured out some ways to not miss those great ideas.

Ideas and inspiration tend to come to us when we are in the flow. What do I mean by this? Its when we are relaxed, not trying too hard, we are in an open state, we are vibrating at a higher frequency and so we are allowing ourselves to line up with that awesome energy where all good things are drawn to us. When we are in this receptive mode, we are in a good position to attract great ideas and to take inspired action towards things we want to create.

If you are having trouble accessing or remembering creative ideas, then I am here to offer you a few tips!

Keep a notebook with you everywhere you go

Ok, so this is really quite simple but I do think that a lot of creative people are not in the habit of carrying a pen and pad with them all the time ( or maybe that was just me). Keep it in your handbag, or man bag, if your a guy and immediately jot the thought down as soon as you can. If your someone who drives around a lot, then keep a notebook in the car too.

Use Audio for recording

This is so handy for when we are driving. It’s probably not the safest option but still its safer than reaching for a pen and writing while driving. I once read somewhere, that the reason we have so few accidents on the road is because we are totally in the now. We are in the present moment when we are driving and so our mindfulness is at its best. Hmm….Well I actually tend to do a lot of day dreaming when I am driving. ( I mean, I don’t really need to concentrate, have done it a thousand times, so the brain already knows what it’s doing, right? right.) So, using audio for when I am driving has proven very effective for me. I tend to just use my iphone or you can use whatever other voice recording device you have. Just remember to take it with you and drive carefully!

Keep a notebook by your bed

When we are just waking up or going off to bed, is sometimes when our best ideas come to us. Some people believe that this is because tiredness can encourage creative thought, because we are less focused and more prone to distractions, so our fuzzy brains can get creative. Crazy huh? Anyway, so I always keep a pen and pad by my bed. Sometimes, I am up in the middle of the night and that’s when I will have a thought, so I’ll be scribbling away at 3am. I might also add here that keeping a dream diary is a great idea too as often I find ideas can come to us in our dreams and then this way your encouraging the memory of more dreams, which I think, are a gateway into our subconscious mind.

Recording ideas in the shower

Yes, I have found that ideas come to us while in the shower, so maybe keep a bathtub marker or use one of your kids bathtub crayons (assuming you have one of those…you know, a kid….with a crayon) or you may just have to get creative with the shower gel.

Do something unrelated

Do you like gardening? dancing? DIY?  Any activity that will encourage you to relax and take time out from the project you have been working on. This helps to get you out of any mental blocks and puts you back into a state of allowing because all the time you are trying so hard to think of the next chapter in your book, or the next idea for whatever creative project you have been working on, you are getting frustrated and impatient with yourself. This means you totally knock yourself out of that natural creative flow and you’ll find that you find it difficult to create something from that state of mind, that is truly authentic. So go do something else until you find your flow again.

Meditate and exercise

I cannot emphasise this enough- meditation is the most wonderful thing we have access to. It is not just a practice for spiritual gurus and teachers and for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It’s a tool that you can use to put yourself in the right vibratory field to access creative ideas and get inspiration. By quieting down the constant chatter of the  mind, you can access information that you never even knew existed. This could come to you as a flash thought, a memory. It could come as a feeling or it may come to you after meditation, when your back to getting on with the rest of your normal day.

Exercise is not just good for your physical health but doing regular exercise can improve your mental clarity as endorphins are released into the body, we feel happier and more mentally alert.

Use your intuition

You know that little quiet voice you sometimes hear inside your head, that you sometimes find yourself talking to, like a crazy person..or that hunch or gut feeling you get about something..thats your own internal GPS! Your emotional guidance system. You can better improve your intuition through regular meditation but also by actually following it! we are in the habit of ignoring it and so this is why we have so much trouble tuning into it because we have taught ourselves out of using our intuition. we live in a world that is all about logic and reason and while logic and reason definitely has its place in helping us to make decisions. It can also be a bit of a hindrance. If you don’t use your intuition, it shuts down so it needs awakening and the way to do that is to use it. I would really like to do a separate post on intuition, as it’s kind of a big topic. But for now, lets just say, I think that improving your intuition can improve your creativity.

Hope that was helpful! Any thoughts, then please leave your comments below!